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LG Universal Split Fault Codes Sheet

Below are universal fault codes or error codes for LG air conditioner. At the very bottom of this post we also provide some error codes for LG PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air conditioner)

  • After the error occurs, if the error is released, the LED fault also released simultaneously.

  • If more than two problems occur simultaneously, the lower the error code that is displayed first.

  • The error code is displayed on the Remote Cable Indoor unit as CH **, and/or the look of the fascia. In addition, the code demonstrated through the LED on the Control Board of the outdoor unit.

  • This function provides a self-diagnosis and displays an error code if there is a problem.

Indoor Unit Faults Codes:

Error code Indoor
Contents Case of error Status
1 Air sensor (open/short) Open / Short circuit Off
2 Inlet pipe sensor Open / Short circuit Off
Communication(Indoor ↔ Wired
3 R/Control) Communication Poorly Off
Float switch Open circuit (High level water
4 Drain pump / Float switch alarm) Off
5 Communication(Indoor ↔ Outdoor) Communication Poorly Off
6 Outlet pipe sensor Open / Short circuit Off
7 Different operation mode Indoor units set in different operation modes Off
9 Checksum Error Defective PCB or EEPROM Connections Off
10 BLDC Motor Fan Lock (Indoor) Fan Motor or PCB Defective Off
HL Hard Lock (Controlled by External Source) Controlled by Dry Contact or Central Controller Off
Not an error, press Timer & Min buttons
CL Child Lock Function selected simultaneously for 3 seconds to toggle On/Off On
Not an error, press Jet Cool button to toggle
Po Jet Cool Mode selected On/Off On

Outdoor Unit Faults Codes:

Error code LED01G (Red) LED02G (Green) Contents Case of Error
21 2 times 1 time IPM Fault (Compressor Over current) Compressor malfunction, IPM
22 2 times 2 times CT 2 (Max. Current) Current is 14A ↑
23 2 times 3 times DC Link Low Volt. DC Link volt. Is 140V ↓
24 2 times 4 times Low / High Pressure Low / High press switch OPEN
25 2 times 5 times AC Low / AC High Volts. Abnormal AC volt. Input.
26 2 times 6 times DC Compressor Position
27 2 times 7 times PSC Fault (Reactor)
28 2 times 8 times DC Link High Volts Off
29 2 times 9 times COMP Over Current Inverter Compressor input
current is over 30A
32 3 times 2 times Discharge Pipe Temp. High (INV) D-Pipe Temp (Inv.) >105°C
33 3 times 3 times Discharge Pipe Temp. High (Cons.) D-Pipe Temp (Const) >105°C
39 3 times 9 times Communication Error Communication Error
Between PFC and INV PCB’s
40 4 times CT Circuit CT Circuit malfunction
41 4 times 1 time D-Pipe sensor INV. (Open/Short) Open / Short circuit.
44 4 times 4 times Air sensor (Open/Short) Open / Short circuit
45 4 times 5 times Cond. Pipe Sensor (Open/Short) Open / Short circuit
46 4 times 6 times Suction Pipe Sensor (Open/Short) Open / Short circuit
47 4 times 7 times D-pipe Sensor Cons. (Open/Short) Open / Short circuit
48 4 times 8 times D-Pipe & Air Sensor (Open) Dual Sensor unplugged
51 5 times 1 times Over Capacity Over Load Combination
52 5 times 2 times Communication Error (Main micom Poor/Loss of Communication
↔ Sub micom)
53 5 times 3 times Communication Error (Indoor ↔ Poor/Loss of Communication
54 5 times 4 times Outdoor 3-Phase Power Supply Incorrect Wiring
Reverse Phase / Missing Phase
60 6 times EEPROM Check Sum Check Sum Mis-Match
61 6 times 1 time Cond. Pipe Sensor Temp. High Cond. Temp. High
62 6 times 2 times Heat Sink Sensor Temp. High Heat Sink Temp. High
63 6 times 3 times Cond. Pipe Sensor Temp. Low Cond. Temp. Low
65 6 times 5 times Heat Sink Sensor (Open/Short) Open / Short circuit
67 6 times 7 times Outdoor BLDC Fan Lock Fan Motor/Circuit Problem
73 7 times 3 times PFC Fault Error (S/W) Inverter PCB input current is over
48A (Peak) for 2ms
105 6 times 5 times Comms. Error (Main board ↔Fan Poor/Loss of Communication
*All outdoor status OFF

Electrical Controls LG PTAC Codes

ON Normal
OFF No power I failed  board
Error Codes
CH 01 Indoor Air Thermistor Error
CH 02 Indoor  Coil Thermistor  Error
CH 03 Outdoor Air Thermistor  Error  (PTHP Only)
CH 04 Outdoor Coil Thermistor Error  (PTHP Only)
CH 05 Mode Error
CH 06 Set point Error
CH 07 Bad Thermistor Wiring
CH 09 Pressure  Switch  Error

Manual LG PTAC Codes

ON Normal
OFF No power I failed  board
Error Codes
1 Indoor Air Thermistor Error
2 Indoor  Coil Thermistor  Error
3 Outdoor Air Thermistor  Error  (PTHP Only)
4 Outdoor Coil Thermistor Error  (PTHP Only)
5 Mode Error
6 Set point Error
7 Bad Thermistor Wiring
0.25 sec On per flash,  0.25 sec OFF between flashes,
LED Flash Rate 2.00 sec OFF between codes.

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