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3 Reasons to Have an Engine Light Code Reader

For every car owner, having an engine light code reader is considered essential. With this code reader, you can essentially perform a diagnostic task when a problem occurs in your car. There are at least three reasons why having a code reader is essential for your car’s maintenance.

You need to know what happens to your car immediately.

When something wrong happens to your car, you often need to know what happens with it immediately. You know that something bad has happened when you see the check engine light on the dashboard turning on. When the light doesn’t flash, it might be safe for you to drive your car to a mechanic to have it checked because the problem is mostly not considered serious. If it flashes, even turning on the car’s ignition might be risky, unless you do it for diagnostic purpose, let alone driving the car to a mechanic. A flashing check engine light is a clear sign that you have to stop the car and have it checked immediately.

If you don’t have an engine light code reader, chances are you have to call a mechanic to come to you and to check your car. The cost of hiring a mechanic and their transportation to your location can be considered wasteful if you can actually skip it by having a code reader. If you have a code reader, you can simply plug the device into your car’s DLC and have your car’s situation diagnosed. More advanced scanners can even provide you with DIY repair advice and repair cost estimation if the problem is too serious for you to handle yourself.

An engine light code reader can be either cheap or feature-laden.

Getting an engine light code reader is easy because you have a lot of choices that you can match with your preferences. If you are looking for a cheap code reader that helps you at least to accurately identify the problem before calling a mechanic, a model that costs between $10 and $20 is available.

If you are a car enthusiast who needs a full-featured scan tool that is capable not only to do basic code scanning, but also more advanced tasks like freeze frame option, VIN acquisition, and ECU programming, a professional scanner is also available.

If you need an engine light code reader that you don’t have to carry all the time, you can buy a Bluetooth dongle that is constantly attached to your car’s DLC. You can then retrieve the code reading data wirelessly from an app installed on your smartphone.

The engine light code reader that you buy is mostly universal.

Gone were the days when cars’ onboard diagnostic system was not universally standardized, requiring you to buy one engine light code reader for a car or cars manufactured by the same manufacturers. The OBD2 system is now a standard for all cars, regardless of their manufacturers. Therefore, if you have a number of cars that are manufactured by different manufacturers, you mostly have to buy only one code reader.

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