Best Automotive Scan Tool available on the Market

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If you wish to figure out the current problem hampering your vehicle, then, you definitely will need the best automotive scan tool. A scan tool is required when you wish to discover the problem that your vehicle currently faces. Usually, the scanner only works on a vehicle which is already a digital. So, if you wish to make your work easier, below you can find some of the best scanners that can be used to scan your vehicle.

  1. Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner by Launch CRP129 OBD2

The first scanner that you can use to scan your vehicle so that you can diagnose any problem quickly is the CRP 129 OBD Scanner. This scanner is very useful since it is able to scan not only engine codes but also the transmission, SRS, and ABS codes. Besides, you can also use it to detect the oil maintenance reset time- you will figure out how long the oil will last after it is replaced. Also, its SAS reset feature allows you to adjust and realign the steering column of your vehicle. Well, there are still many other features that you can get by using the scanner, but it is unable to show the information required to indicate your vehicle’s level of emission.

  1. Professional OBD2 Scanner by Ancel FX 6000

The next best automotive scan tool is the one made by Ancel. The FX 6000 is more sophisticated and comprehensive compared to the previous one since it able to run an entire system check for the engine of your vehicle. However, this does not make the scanner more complicated to use since it is equipped with the clearest HD screen to display the required information. Furthermore, it supports multi languages so that you do not need to understand English to properly use it. However, despite the different things it can do, it works more slowly and you will need to download your own database since it does not come with its own pre-built list of codes.

  1. Automotive Diagnostic Scanner by Autel Maxicom

Autel Maxicom also produces a scanner for your vehicle and it takes a unique approach to design the gadget. The company apparently understands that display is the most important aspect since it allows people to comprehend information more easily. Therefore, the device is equipped with a 7-inch responsive touchscreen so that you can use it more practically. Besides, its wireless sensor allows you to scan the problem of your car without having to be connected to a computer. Unfortunately, it does not work very quickly when scanning for the code.

  1. Professional Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner by Bluedriver

The last one in the article, which is the Bluedriver Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner, is actually quite interesting since it is the cheapest option mentioned. However, when it comes into features, the device is actually not to be overlooked since it is surprisingly rich in features that are useful to pinpoint the problems haunting your vehicle. In addition to the basic diagnostics (ABS, Climate setting, Airbag Configuration, etc.), the device is also able to provide important emission data for your vehicle and many others. Unfortunately, this one, which can be considered the best automotive scan tool, is not without flaws since it is only compatible with smartphones which run on either iOS or Android.

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