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The Color of the Check Engine Light in Chevy Silverado

If you read the check engine codes Chevy Silverado, you might find a very long list. In this article, we are going to discuss the color of the light when the check engine light is getting on. The light is designed with several colors to show the owner the status or condition of the vehicle.

The blue light shows the maintenance lamp. Your vehicle might need fluids or maintenance. Drive your car to the service center. Even though it is not a serious damage, it could lead to one.

Yellow light might be the indication of a warning. An error has occurred in your vehicle. It can still operate correctly but you should service is as soon as possible.

Red light is the indication that a major error has happened to your car. It could affect the major part of your car and lead to a progressive failure.

If the light shows the flashing red lamp then your car will prepare to shutdown sequence. You have about 30 seconds to find a safe spot to stop because a very serious error has occurred. Bringing a scanner or a code reader is important and once the code is revealed, you can read the check engine codes Chevy Silverado.

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