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Chevy OBD2 Codes List for Several Common Problems

The best way to know the problem in your beloved Chevy is by using an OBD2 scan tool. Then, you can check the chevy obd2 codes list to make sure the problem. The code is not only used to find the problem but also to decide the best action to solve it.


B2750 is one of the codes if there is a problem with the pass key data communication. It happens when there is something wrong with the ignition key such as a problem on the ignition key programming system. The sign of the problem is that the engine light is on but you can’t start the engine.


B3779 is also included on the chevy obd2 codes list. The code appears when there is a problem with the air flow control. The problem is might be caused by the mode actuator. There will be a warning light to notify you and then the code appears.


B1517 is used to show that there is a problem with the battery voltage. Commonly, the battery voltage is too high or low. The main cause of the problem is on the control module power. There are three different codes on the chevy obd2 codes list to show a specific problem, such as B1517 03 if it is too low, B1517 07 if it is too high, and B1517 5A if it is not plausible.

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