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The Way to  Do Chevy Silverado Check Engine Light Codes

You can check the chevy silverado check engine light codes by using a tool known as an OBD II scan tool. The tool helps to know the code and then you can determine the problem on your beloved Chevy Silverado.

The Way to Check the Code

To use the OBD II scan tool, you just need to connect the scan tool the DLC connector or data link connector. The connector is installed underneath the steering column. Now, turn the ignition of the vehicle on. Soon, you will see the trouble code and you just need to follow the instruction from the manufacturer to know the exact problem.

The Example of the Light Code

There are several chevy silverado check engine light codes which probably appear on the tool. For instance, you might see P0342 on the OBD II tool. The code shows that there is a problem with the camshaft position sensor, especially on the low input. If you see P1031 on the scan tool, it means that there is a problem on the HO2S heater current monitor control circuit sensor. How about if you see P1105 on the scan tool? If it is so, just check the secondary vacuum sensor circuit of the Chevrolet Silverado.

Since there are a lot of codes you need to know, just make sure that you understand or bring the instruction. Anytime you have to check the chevy silverado check engine light codes, you are ready.

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