How to Scan Check Engine Codes Chevy Cars Generate

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This article will not provide you with a list of all Chevrolet’s manufacturer-specific codes, which you can find in many places on the internet, including your car’s documentation, but to help you scan the check engine codes Chevy cars show when there is a problem that their onboard diagnostic system detects. With this step-by-step instruction, you should be able to diagnose your car’s problem with ease.

Check Your Car’s Check Engine Light.

When a problem occurs in your car, your car’s check engine light will notify you about the problem. This light is an integral part of your car’s onboard diagnostic system, which constantly monitors your car’s components and detects any malfunctioning parts. When a problem is detected, two things will happen: the check engine light will turn on and the system will generate a check engine code.

Before you check any of the check engine codes Chevy cars generate, you need to see the check engine light first. If the light is static, you have a mild problem. If it flashes, the problem is considered serious.

Use a Scan Tool to Retrieve the Code

You can see the check engine light, but in order to retrieve the code generated by your car’s OBD2 system, you need a scan tool that you must plug into the data link connector (DLC) port in your car. The DLC is usually located next to your car’s steering wheel. If you haven’t had any scanner, you need to purchase it. There are three types of a scan tool that you can use to scan check engine codes Chevy cars generate.

1. Wired Scanner

This wired scanner includes a handheld device with an LCD display that can be connected to your car’s DLC using a cable. This wired scanner can be a basic code reader that can only read and display codes, clear and reset codes, and reset the check engine light and can also be a more advanced model that is capable to display freeze frame data, reset readiness monitors, and perform other advanced diagnostic tasks.

2. Wireless Scanner

A wireless scanner is usually a dongle that is constantly attached to your car’s DLC. This dongle connects to an accompanying handheld device or a smartphone wirelessly using Bluetooth. If a smartphone is used as its pair, a dedicated app needs to be installed on your smartphone to allow the dongle to communicate with and to provide necessary information to the phone.

3. Professional Scanner

A professional scanner is usually used by professional mechanics, servicemen, and car enthusiasts. A professional scanner can be either wired or wireless, but it offers a complete set of diagnostic functions that any advanced scan tools can perform. In addition, it also has some extra features that a regular scanner doesn’t, such as ECU programming capability and heavy commercial vehicle diagnostic.

You can use any of the scanners above to scan the check engine codes Chevy cars generate. The most important thing is that you choose a scanner that is compatible with your Chevy car because not all scanners can scan Chevrolet-specific trouble codes. Use the scan tool to retrieve the code and take the right measures to fix your car’s problem.

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