Chrysler Check Engine Codes Troubleshooting Guide

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In this article, we are going to show you the Chrysler check engine codes. The codes on each car could be the indication of a certain problem with your car. You can check it at the auto part dealer. But if you want to do it by yourself then you need a scanner code tools. Using the scanner can be started by connecting the tool to the DLC under the steering. Then, turn on the ignition and follow the instruction from the tool to access the DTC.

If the Check Engine Light is on then you need to be aware of several things or start to find out. The symptoms might include a rough idling, poor acceleration, degraded fuel economy, rough sound on the engine, and overheating. The symptoms indicate a malfunction in one sensor or more.

The most common cause is a loose position of the gas cap. However, if there is a performance issue then this is not the case. It could be caused by:

  • A defect in the mass air flow sensor;

  • Worn-out spark plugs;

  • A defect on the oxygen sensor;

  • Damaged catalytic converter;

  • Defect on the ignition coil;

  • A cracked that causes a vacuum leak.

You need to read the Chrysler check engine codes to find out the exact problem and replacing the right component.

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