How to Check the Chrysler OBD II Codes without a Scanner Tool

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The Chrysler OBD II codes are the part of system troubleshooting. It will help you to track down the problem in the engine. The code is just the symbol that represents the problems, which becomes a strong reason why you must understand the code even just for a little. The scanner tool is essential if you want to track down the problem instead of bringing your car to the repair shop.

Basically, you can make the OBD II codes appear by using the ignition key. Without making the engine cranked, you can turn on and off the ignition key. Most models of Chrysler require five times. Later, you will see the Check Engine Light gets illuminated with pulses. Each code has its own pulses and meaning. So you might need to write down the code and find out about that later. The code list is available in the manual repair book.

As we have said earlier, using the scanner tool would be the best way to check the error. Or, you can drive your car to the auto part dealer. Some dealers offer the diagnostic check without charging a fee. But we strongly recommend you to use the scanner to check the Chrysler OBD II codes.

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