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Differences in ABS Fault Codes List Versions

ABS fault codes list is very important to know since it allows us to locate the problems hampering the system in a relatively quick pace. However, do you know that the codes used to display ABS system problems actually vary depending on the versions of the ABS system itself? Therefore, you will need to differentiate different versions of ABS so that you can read the fault codes without any mistake!


The first version of the Anti-Lock Braking System ever implemented is the ABS1 and it is only used on three series, which are the K75 ABS, K100 ABS, as well as K1100LT in 1993. To recognize this version, look for the modulator units which are stationed on the plates for foot peg. When a fault occurs, the ABS light and the bulb monitor flash simultaneously.


The second version of the ABS system, which is ABS2, is the successor of the first version and it is used by the K1100LT after 1994, as well as many others such as R1100RS, R1200C, and many more. Actually, the second version is pretty identical to the first version since it only differs on the series that use it. However, unlike the first version, it will flash different patterns of light once a self-test fails to run.

iABS (Integral ABS)

The way to indicate that your car has iABS is that when your car emits a whining noise every time you hit the brake and they are power-assisted. This version is used since 2001 and so on- your car possibly has this kind of system if it is not too old. The fault in the ABS fault codes list is displayed by two lights, which are the GEN as well as the ABS light.

How to read ABS1 and ABS2

There are several codes that will be displayed once readout light is attached to the ABS pin. There is not any difference when reading the code to figure out the fault occurred on both the ABS1 and ABS2. Make sure that your vehicle is on when you are reading the code.

Code 1 indicates the modulator for front pressure;

Code 2 indicates the modulator for rear pressure;

Code 3 indicates the sensor for front wheel speed;

Code 4 indicates the sensor for rear wheel speed;

Code 5 indicates the low level of battery voltage;

Code 6 indicates an ABS relay problem;

Code 7 indicates an ABS control unit problem;

Code 8 indicates a sensor gap at the front or rear side;

Code 9 is currently not understood; while

Code 16 means a persistent failure in plunger test.

How to read iABS

Unlike the previous ones which use codes, this one is indicated by two lights. Below you can find the meaning of the lights emitted by the system.

  • Residual braking is indicated when the Gen light is off while the ABS is on.
  • ABS not available is indicated when the Gen light is off while the ABS emits 1Hz of light.
  • The availability of residual braking function after diagnosis is incomplete is indicated when the Gen light is off while the ABS emits 4Hz of light.
  • Broken tail/brake light is indicated when the Gen light is on while the ABS is off.

The low level of fluid is indicated when the Gen and ABS light emits alternative flashes at 1Hz to show one of the ABS fault codes list.

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