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Ford engine codes list

Ford engine codes list is working for your Ford cars. If you have a problem with your Ford cars, you should check it sooner. It possibly has serious problems. Scan the Ford codes and follow the diagram to determine the meaning of the codes. Some stores will scan the codes freely. Autozone is a place giving code numbers. You may conduct it by applying the posted procedures. To extract DTC from your computer for diagnostic purposes, you need to use a Self Test connector. You have to know the steps on using this connector.

There are some ways of starting and operating this connector. Firstly, turn your engine on and bring it to the normal operating temperature. If the engine is not started or stop after finishing, continue to the next step. Turn on “OFF” and wait for ten seconds. Activate independent test by scanning a self-connector. Turn the contact key of “ON”. Record all received codes. Turn the contact of “OFF”. Ford engine codes list consists of several numbers. Those are system PASS, circuit failure, PCM, PIP circuit failure, ECT, TP, IAT, MAF, EVP, and HO2S. Those codes must be concerned and warned if your Ford car has a problem.

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