Must Know Ford Explorer Check Engine Light Codes

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Finding a problem on your Ford Explorer can be a complicated matter. You need to be supported by a scan tool to get the ford explorer check engine light codes. The code helps you to show the problem of the Ford Explorer. Then, you can repair the problem and drive the vehicle just like before.

The Problem on the OBD System Test

After connecting the scanning tool, the screen will show to you the code. If you see P1000 on the screen, it means that the Ford Explorer is not passing the OBD system test. You have to complete the test first before driving the vehicle.

The Problem on the Speed Signal

You have to check the vehicle speed signal if the code shows P1039. The code is trying to inform you that the vehicle speed signal on the Ford Explorer is missing or improper. Just check the installation and make sure that you get the speed signal back before driving it.

The Problem on the Braking Signal

One of the ford explorer check engine light codes which show the problem on the brake is P1051. In specific, the code informs that there is a problem with the brake switch signal. Commonly, the signal is missing or improper.

The explanation above shows to you that it is important to understand the ford explorer check engine light codes. The codes help to find the problem so you can fix it right away.

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