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The Specific Ford Fault Codes List to Know before Using a Scan Tool

Fixing your beloved Ford by seeing the ford fault codes list will help the process faster. The fault code is used to know the specific problem so you know what to do. The code will be appeared by the time the scan tool is connected with the terminal. Some of the codes below might be shown on the tool.

Trouble Code for Vehicle Speed Signal

Vehicle speed signal is an important element in a vehicle. While driving the Ford vehicle, you have to check the speed to make sure that it is too slow or too fast. Just imagine if the speed signal is missing. If it is happening to your Ford, just use a scan tool to check it. When there is a problem with the signal, you will see a P1039 code on the tool.

Trouble Code for Brake Switching Signal

While considering the speed, it is also an important thing to consider the performance of the brake. It will be dangerous if there is a problem with the brake switching signal. Try to check it with the scan tool and if there is a problem on the signal, the scan shows P1051 and you can check the code on the ford fault codes list.

Trouble Code for Mass Air Flow Sensor

There is also a problem related to the mass air flow sensor. The sensor might be intermittent or out of self-test range. To make it sure, use the scan tool and it shows P1100 for the mass air flow sensor intermittent problem. The tool shows P1101 if the problem is in the range of the mass flow sensor. You can also check the explanation on the code on the ford fault codes list before taking a proper action.

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