How to Get the Ford Engine Codes List

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When the check engine light of your Ford car turns on, you need to get the Ford engine codes list because something wrong must have happened to your car’s engine. Unless you have an old car that was manufactured before 1996, it must have a built-in diagnostic system called OBD2. This system generates codes when something wrong happens to your car’s engine and transmission, body, chassis, or network system. If the problem occurs in your car’s engine, this diagnostic system will also turn on the check engine light, giving you a clear signal that you have to check your car’s powertrain system immediately.

Why Should You Have a Complete Ford Engine Codes List?

When your car’s OBD2 system generate fault codes, you can read them by plugging in a code reader to its DLC port. If you use a basic code reader that doesn’t interpret the codes or if your code reader doesn’t support the interpretation of Ford’s manufacturer-specific codes, you need to refer to the Ford engine codes list to interpret the codes. To make it easier for you to interpret the codes, you need to understand the format of engine fault codes on Ford cars.

Ford Engine Code Format

Ford engine code format, just like a generic engine code format that is valid for all manufacturers, contains five characters. The first is a letter that signifies the location of the problem. Because you are looking for a Ford engine codes list, the letter you are looking for is P, which signifies powertrain.

After you know the letter, you can step to the next character, which is a number. The first number of the code signifies whether the code is generic or manufacturer-specific. In the Ford engine codes list, the first (and second) number should be 1 or between 30 and 33. Otherwise, the codes are considered generic. The remaining two or three numbers refer to the nature of the problem. If you have a list of Ford’s manufacturer-generic codes, you can match the code (or codes) that appears on your code reader with the list to find out what actually happens to your car.

Scanning Ford Engine Codes Using a Scan Tool

If you are using a basic code reader that cannot interpret Ford’s manufacturer-specific codes, you need to refer to the Ford engine codes list in order to recognize the problem. If you find this diagnostic method rather inconvenient, you can simply buy a more advanced scan tool that registers every Ford engine code, be it generic or manufacturer-specific. With this kind of scan tool, the problem with the engine can be clarified lucidly on the scanner’s display, so you don’t need to see any list to know what happens to your car.

Certain scan tools, especially professional-grade models and the ones that can be integrated with smart devices, often include a complete database of the Ford engine codes list in their software. If you have this kind of scan tool, you can actually check the list whenever you want from within the software environment.

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