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Find out the Reason of Why the Check Engine Light Turned On

The international fault code list might help you to see the translation of any code appeared on your code reader or scanner tool. You might need this if your check engine car is blinking or starting to get illuminated. There are several colors of lights and each color indicates a different thing or error. However, you need to bring your car to a professional technician as soon as possible.

If your check engine lamp gets illuminated then it might be something wrong or error with your car. The light is also called as the malfunction indicator lamp. This is the time when you need a tool named a code reader. The code reader is small and easy to use. Once you connect this to your car, you can reveal the problems after a few moments for scanning.

There are at least 3,000 codes of global fault. Other than that, there are also several codes named manufacturer-specific codes. Once the code appears on the screen of the code reader, you just need to see the international fault code list and find out what the real error is. Some problems can be fixed by your own. But if the problem is serious, we recommend you to bring it to the auto repair shop.

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