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Get the Renault Fault Codes List with These Apps

Renault car owners can diagnose the problems signaled by its OBD2 system using a code reader and an app that registers all Renault fault codes list. There are various apps of this kind for Android and iOS. To use those apps, you need to make sure that you are using an ELM327 device that you pair with your smartphone. Depending on the models, this device connects to your smartphone through a USB cable or wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Here you can see some reliable apps that you can use on your smartphone to receive the data sent by your ELM327 device.

Hardware-Specific Apps

The most reliable apps that register Renault fault codes list are generally apps that are in the same package with a particular hardware device. While the device itself needs to be purchased, the accompanying app and all of its features are usually free to use. If you are looking for the right hardware-specific apps that work excellently with your Renault car’s OBD2 system, there are several choices available for you.

  1. BlueDriver

BlueDriver is the accompanying app for the BlueDriver OBD2 scan tool. You can buy the adapter from Amazon and other places and then download the app from iOS or Android app store. There are some great features that this app offers, including all features already unlocked even without a subscription, free updates, and global compatibility with all cars, including Renault cars. You can also message the manufacturer directly from the app if you need customer support service.

  1. Carista OBD2

Carista OBD2 is another hardware-specific app that you can pair not only with a Carista OBD2 Bluetooth adapter. One thing that makes this app different is that the app and the adapter are sold separately. You can download the app for free, but some of its advanced features are available only after you pay for a subscription. Once you pass this paywall, you can enjoy all features that this app offers, including basic diagnostic tasks, emission test, ABS, Airbag, and navigation, among others. If you buy the adapter, you get a free one-month subscription trial.

Independent Apps

There are also independent apps that you can pair with any ELM327 device that you have. They also have the update capability to make sure that their Renault fault codes list is always up to date. Most of those apps can be freely downloaded from their respective app store; however, some of their best features are generally behind a paywall.

  1. OBD Fusion

OBD Fusion is one of the best-selling and best-reviewed OBD apps for iOS and Android. It is very easy to use and, when using maps, it can be used either online or offline. When you use this app to gather data from your ELM327 device, it can generate a full report that will be useful for you and your mechanic to quickly decide the best solution for your car’s problem. Although you can download it for free, some of its features, which actually make it a truly useful app, are available only after you pass through the in-app purchases.

  1. Torque Pro

Torque Pro is the most widely used app that you can use to register the Renault fault codes list. It supports a large assortment of OBD2 adapters and offers many great features that will be useful for keeping your car well monitored, including CO2 emission monitoring, showing sensor data, and read and clear check engine light codes.

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