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Renault fault codes list

Renault fault codes list is a line of fix and fault codes series. A standard or generic fault code is a general code list for all manufacturers. The fault list is often called to be DTC for data problem code that has been applied so that every diagnostic device can read it and analyze it. It has a standard format shown in the following format. The first letter shows DTC family. You have to concern on this code in order to fix your Renault properly.

The fault code list includes P for powertrain, C for chassis, B for body, U for Users network. The first digit shows whether the code is generic or not with the green digit. It consists of a general fault and manufacturers. This is possibly downloaded freely. The software of EOBD facile can be installed in the Renault system. Because the code list of generic OBD is insufficient, the manufacturer can add more codes based on their needs. The third last digits are added with the purple digit. ), 1, and 2 are applicable for fuel and air combination. 3 is used for firing system, 4 is for checking extra emission, and 5 is used for engine idling.

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