Steps to Do Before Checking the Toyota Diagnosis Trouble Codes

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Analyzing a trouble in Toyota vehicles can be done easily by checking the toyota diagnostic trouble codes. There are several things you need to know before checking the trouble by analyzing the codes.

Check the Engine Light Circuit

You have to check the engine light circuit before connecting the scan tool. Just make sure that the engine light circuit is in its normal condition. The circuit should be on when you turn the ignition on.

Turn the Ignition and Install the Jumper Wire

The next step to do is turning the ignition switch on but you don’t need to start the engine first. Now, take the jumper wire and install it across the TEI and EI terminals on the scan tool.

See the Blinking Light

There will be flashes appeared on the engine light. If it is in the normal condition, you will see two times blinking flashes a second. The blinking time is different and a little bit longer when the engine light is used to check the toyota diagnostic trouble codes.

Check the Trouble Code

Soon, you can see the diagnostic code and you will see it as long as the TEI and EI terminals are connected to the scan tool. For instance, you will see 1 as a normal condition code. If there is a problem on the starter signal, the tool will show 10 as the code. 11 is a code if there is a problem with the switch signal.

So, just make sure that you know or at least bring the list of toyota diagnostic trouble codes while driving the vehicle. Indeed, it helps you to find the problem right away, especially in the urgent condition.

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