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Trouble Codes: Check Engine Light Codes List

You may need to check the OBD II Trouble Codes if you recognize the check engine light codes list is on. The MIL or Malfunction Indicator Lamp will automatically be turned on if there are one or more problems with your car.

The code is some kind of alphanumeric combination and it corresponds to a certain fault type. All vehicles that have been complied with the emission regulations in the USA would have these codes. Generally, the trouble list is subdivided into four categories such as:

  • “P” codes for Powertrain includes emissions, transmission, and engine system;

  • “B” codes for Body includes airbags, lighting, climate control system, etc.;

  • “C” codes for Chassis includes steering, electronic suspension, and antilock brake system;

  • “U” codes for Network and Communications include modules and network wiring bus for controller area.

Later, the codes are divided into two big groups such as:

Generic or Global codes and Enhanced or Manufacturer Specific codes. The Global codes may have something wrong when there is “0” on its second digit. Meanwhile, the Manufacturer Specific Codes might show if this unit is unique than others if there is “1” on its second digit. And this is all you need to know about the check engine light codes list.

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