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Some of the Most Common VW Fault Codes List

You will need to know about the VW fault codes list in order to figure out the problems that are currently hampering your car’s performance. Unfortunately, though, reading the codes are somewhat difficult for VW cars that are produced after 1995 since they require you to use a computer installed with a special program to run the diagnostics. In this article, you will be given some of the most common fault codes to occur to VW cars.

Engine issues

When it comes to the most dangerous problem to haunt a car, then, most people agree that it would be any problem affecting the engines. Therefore, you will need to know the most common fault codes which indicate that there is a problem in the engine of your car. Some of them are:

  • Error P0016 or 0016; this fault code indicates that there is an incorrect placement of the car’s engine shaft and you will need to align the problems after checking the marks that are marked on the drive gears. Usually, this problem occurs after an encounter with EPC system breakdown- which requires you to replace the actuator of the car. After the component gets replaced, there may be some mistake when putting the assembly and hence the error code appears.
  • Error 0010; this fault code only appears on TSI engines that are installed only on VW Transporter or Polo. The appearance of this error code indicates that the car’s valve body terminal that is located within the camshaft adjuster is extremely broken. The only way to solve this problem is by replacing the valve but it would not be a cheap task to do.
  • Error 00772; this one of the VW fault codes list is caused by an error occurred in the car’s sensor which are used to monitor the oil pressure- it usually indicates an issue on the sensor itself or on its wiring. This kind of error code can occur in almost any VW cars, especially if it runs on gasoline or diesel engines.
  • Error P2002; this kind of error code is usually for indicating that the diesel filter of the car has been worn out and it needs replacement. You will need to take your car to a car care center in order to receive a proper treatment for your car. Usually, cars with large runs encounter this error code.

Wiring issue

Another issue plaguing any car including the VW ones is wiring issue. There are several types of issues on wiring that may hit the car of yours. You will be shown some of the issues below this sentence.

  • Error 00532; this error often occurs but not limited to Polo Sedan and Tiguan. The fault code is shown when an overload of electric current that happens when the driver is cruising in urban traffic. It is caused by a voltage drop when the battery is discharged or when it receives significant damage.
  • Error 00588; this is also a pretty serious fault code to happen in VW cars. This fault code is caused by an improper contact between the airbag and the wiring. Usually, this one of the VW fault codes list is caused by a clog of dirt.
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