FAQ: How To Clear 3a6 Error Code Tajima?


  1. Clean out any bird nest (build up of thread) or if you’ve had a needle break any needle pieces or any other obstruction which may be preventing the knives from closing completely.
  2. Close the knives completely, press SET to reset the code then try a manual trim or press START.

How do I reset my Tajima embroidery machine?

Press and hold the “SET” button followed by “A.” Release both buttons at the same time. Restart your Tajima machine by plugging it out and plugging it back in.

How do I fix Tajima error 382?

382 The needle position signal status during color change does not change for 1 second or more. Solution: Check the color change motor and power supply circuit. Check the potentiometer (Needle position sensor).

How do you rotate in Wilcom e2?

Simply select the tool, plot a line with two points and make the setting to rotate or resize. You can apply these functions to all or part of any embroidered file. The same tools may be found in the Edit menu.

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