FAQ: How To Fix Navien Error Code 3?

What does E 003 mean on Navien tankless water heater?

Error Code E003. What it Means: Ignition failure in your tankless water heater. How to Fix: Confirm the main gas supply valve is open.

How do I reset my navien code?

Navien NPE Error Code E030

  1. Turn OFF the unit, wait at least 30 min, and then restart.
  2. Clean the inlet water filter and strainer.
  3. Check the heat exchanger and flush it if required.
  4. For your safety and the health of your equipment, Call or Contact Hot Water Now!

Where is navien reset button?

To reset the boiler, press the Reset button on the front panel.

Why does my navien water heater keep shutting off?

One of the most common reasons that your tankless hot water stops working in the shower is because your current unit can’t supply enough hot water per minute. If you’re attempting to do the laundry, run the dishwasher, and shower at the same time, then you’re likely straining your on-demand water system’s capabilities.

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How do I fix Navien error 438?

Navien error code E407 is a sign of a problem with the hot water outlet thermistor. An open or shorted sensor causes the Navien error code E407. To fix it, check the thermistor’s condition and wiring. If necessary, replace the thermistor.

How do I reset my Navian?

To reset the water heater, press the Reset button. If resetting the water heater does not solve the problem, refer to the Troubleshooting section of this manual or contact Technical Support at 1-800-519-8794. To use water above 140 °F (60 °C) (up to 182 °F (83 °C)), you can use Commercial Mode.

How long is Navien warranty?

This 15 year limited warranty on heat exchangers, 5 year limited warranty on parts, and 1 year limited-labor warranty (“Warranty”) covers defects in materials or workmanship when the Navien NPN Water Heater (“Product”) is installed by a properly licensed plumber or contractor and operated in strict compliance with the

Why is my Navien water heater not working?

The issue is most likely the flow sensor inside the unit is not spinning properly. We recommend opening and closing the pressure relief valve (should be located near the outlet of the unit). Depending on amount of debris affecting the flow sensor, this may help temporary.

Does navien have a pilot light?

A. This appliance does not have a pilot. It is equipped with an ignition device which automatically lights the burner. Do not try to light the burner by hand.

What is DHW mode?

The domestic hot water system (DHW) is used to provide hot water for the kitchen and bathroom sinks, tubs and other appliances. That is the water that circulate through the heating system cannot be circulated through the domestic hot water system.

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What does it mean when your hot water heater won’t stay lit?

If your gas water heater doesn’t stay lit, you may have a defective control thermostat. The gas supply to the pilot assembly is controlled by this valve. If the pilot light won’t stay lit and the thermocouple is okay, then the thermostatic control valve may be defective.

What do you do when your water heater keeps turning off?

What To Do If Your Gas Water Heater Keeps Shutting Off

  1. Call Your Plumber. The first thing you should do is call your plumber.
  2. Gas Supply Problems. Your gas water heater will turn off if it isn’t getting the fuel it needs.
  3. Dirty Thermopile or Pilot Light.
  4. Dirty Air Inlet.

How do you clean a thermocouple?

The best way to clean your thermocouple is to use either a piece of steel wool or the coarse side of a sponge to gently clean off any soot or other remnants. You can use a pencil eraser to clean between the threads of the screw that connects the thermocouple to the control valve of your system.

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