Often asked: Error Code Or-ieh-01 What Is It?

It looks like your Google Play registration payment didn’t process. This can happen sometimes if a card has expired, the credit card or credit card verification (CVC) number was entered incorrectly, or if your billing address doesn’t match the address in your Google Payments account.

How do I fix error code or IEH 01?

First up, cross-check your credit/debit card information that you’ve entered in Google Pay. Mistyping your card number or CVV can lead to a bunch of uncalled for, random errors like this one. Ensure you’re entering the correct card number, expiry date, CVV and any other requested information before proceeding.

What does or IEH 01 mean?

The errors OR -IEH-01 and OR-IEH-02 will lead to the temporary suspension of your account. Google will send an email on how you will need to verify your account. These documents include utility bills or bank statements that will support your identification card and verify your account.

What is IEH o2?

This means payment is being denied to to Google Play’s fraud risk controls. Either your users are potentially fraudulent, or Google Play is incorrectly detecting their payment method as at a very high risk of fraud. The only thing you can do is contact Google Play support through the help menu on the Play console.

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What is error code or CAC 02?

If you report the error to Google Adwords, they may say that it is an issue with your browser. You may want to clear your browser cache and cookies to help you fix the error.

How do I fix error Ccseh 05?

Solution #1 – Check Your Payment Information The error may be due to the lack of payment information or an error in your data. Make sure your information is correct and updated including your name, address, card number or CVC. You may also check if you have sufficient funds to purchase.

How do I enable Google Payments?

Using Google Pay on Android Open the phone’s Settings and open the Apps (or Apps & Notifications) menu. Tap the three-dot icon and select Default Apps, then choose the Tap and pay option and set it to Google Pay (or G Pay), if it isn’t already. Google Pay will then pop up as the payment system when needed.

Why is Google not accepting my debit card?

Check that your card address matches the address in Google Payments. If your credit card is registered to a different address that can cause the payment to be declined. Check that the address listed matches the billing address of your card. If needed, update the address.

How do I verify payment information on Google?

How to verify your identity

  1. Open the Google Pay app. If you’re not already signed in to your account, sign in.
  2. At the bottom, tap Insights.
  3. Tap Money in Google Pay.
  4. Tap Complete Verification.
  5. Confirm your personal information: Name. Address. Date of birth. Social Security number.
  6. At the bottom, tap Confirm.
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Is Google Play Down?

Play.google.com is UP and reachable by us.

How do I contact Google pay support?

– Google Pay India Grievance Center is available here. – You can also find details about how to contact Google Pay India support at the Help Center page here. – Customer Care number toll free at: 1-800-419-0157.

What’s wrong with my Google pay?

Try a different payment method. Check whether the billing address for your payment method, such as a credit card, matches the address in your Google Pay settings. If they don’t match, update your address on pay.google.com and try the transaction again. If you’re on an app, try to pay on the product website instead.

What is the problem of Google pay?

Google Pay faced a service disruption in India on Tuesday. Multiple users reported that the app has suddenly removed their bank accounts, preventing them from making transactions. The issue appears to have a limited impact, though several users have posted their complaints on social media platforms.

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