Question: Noritz Error Code 11 How To Fix?

Noritz Error Code 11 After checking to see if the gas is turned on, call a licensed contractor. He or she will make sure your gas valve is open, the exhaust vent is unobstructed and the ignition plug is firmly attached and free of debris.

What is code 11 on tankless water heater?

Rinnai fault code 11 – No ignition. Check to make sure the gas is turned on at the water heater, gas meter or tank. Ensure the igniter is operational. Make sure the heat exchanger is not clogged and that low water flow is not causing short cycling.

How do you troubleshoot a noritz water heater?

Problems With Temperature

  1. Check to see if the gas and water supply valves are fully open.
  2. Check if the water supply has been cut off.
  3. Check if the hot water fixture is sufficiently open.
  4. Check if the gas is being cut off by the gas meter.
  5. Check if the water drain valve filter is clogged.
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How do I find noritz error codes?

Every Noritz tankless water heater, either outdoor or indoor model, can be connected to the remote controller, and when the problems occur, it displays the error codes on the screen, which helps users and technicians to fix the problem. The error codes are represented by the two-digit numbers, such as the 10, 11.

How do you fix an error 11 on a Rheem tankless water heater?

Error Code 11

  1. First, check that you have gas to the tankless unit and that the valves are fully turned ON.
  2. Check that the unit has the proper gas pressure and volume.
  3. Check that the gas solenoid valves are in good working order.
  4. Check that the igniter is operational and in good working condition.

How do I fix noritz error 903?

Noritz error codes 901, 902, 903, 908 all relate to combustion or airflow abnormalities. Ensure that nothing blocks the air inlet, exhaust vent, fan motor, and working as intended. Check the vent length adjustment and, if necessary, adjust for high elevation use. The CB or fan motor may need to be replaced.

How do I fix error noritz Error 29?

Error Code 29 The typical fix for this error code is to clean out the container and drain line of any debris or blockages. You should also make sure there are no flat runs or 90-degree elbows in the drain line.

Why is my Rinnai beeping 11?

Rinnai error code 11 is an indication that there is no ignition in, or no gas supply to your hot water system. Check your hot water system for any visible damage or loose parts. Locate your gas supply and ensure it is turned on. Test your gas supply by turning on a gas appliance, such as a stove-top.

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What does error code 16 mean on Noritz tankless water heater?

A 16 error occurs when your output temperature is reaching temperatures way above your set temperature. Temperatures can raise up and scald people. When an error code of 16 occurs the main servo will completely shut off the hot water thus preventing the end user from scalding temperatures.

How do I reset my Rinnai water heater?

Turn off all hot water faucets/taps. Press On/Off button twice. Turn hot water back on and test. You may have to try this a couple times to reset the system.

What is code 12 on Rinnai tankless water heater?

If you’re getting Rinnai error code 12 on your hot water unit, it indicates that a flame failure has occurred on the system. In this instance, your hot water unit has not recognised that there is a flame in the burner box. Incorrect gas pressure supply your hot water unit. Loose gas connections and fittings.

What is priority light on Noritz tankless water heater?

Also, an indicator shows when the burner is ON and a priority indicator, so when it is lit, the hot water temperature can be set. The display will flash when you press the flow meter alarm set button. If there is a problem with the water heater, an error code (11, 90, 99) will appear.

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