Question: What Is Error Code 550 5.7.1?

The error 550 5.7. 1 generally implies that the user is not authorized, and therefore, fails to send emails. As a result, the message is relayed back to the server.

How do I fix status code 5.7 1?

Remove the sender restriction: Change your group settings to unblock the sender in one of the following ways:

  1. Add the sender to the group’s allowed senders list.
  2. If the sender is restricted because they’re external (outside your organization), configure the group to accept messages from external senders.

What does 550 5.4 1 Recipient address rejected Access denied?

The email server that’s generating the error doesn’t accept email from the sender’s domain (for example, This error is generally caused by email server or DNS misconfiguration.

What is 550 5.7 relaying denied?

Error “550 5.7. 1 Relaying denied” while sending external emails via Microsoft 365. Explains one reason why external emails from or to Microsoft 365 is rejected. It’s likely that the email server isn’t correctly set up to receive and relay messages from your organization.

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How do you fix 550 5.1 1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist?

Solution 1: Confirm the recipient’s email address It sounds too simple, but the wrong email address is the most common issue that causes 5.1. x errors. Check for correct spelling and send the message again if you find an error in the email address. To resend the message in Outlook, see Resend an email message.

How do you fix a relay access denied?

How to fix Relay Access Denied Error in Mail.

  1. Verify Mail Server Settings and Account Credentials.
  2. Enable SMTP User Authentication & Secure Connection.
  3. Verify Email Settings with your Email Provider & Scan for Viruses.
  4. Check if your Mail Server or your Domain is Listed at SPAM (BLOCK) lists.

What is Relay error?

When you send an email message that encounters a relay error, your SMTP (outgoing) email server might return your email message with an error message such as one of the following: ” The message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server.

What does this mean Recipient address rejected Access denied?

Access Denied’ error when there’s a shield put in place by the recipient: The recipient of the spam filter has marked a similar message as spam in the past. Email gets bounced due to a domain policy that blacklists or defines every email coming from this particular address as spam.

Why is Recipient address rejected?

When there is an issue with an email account, the sender may receive a “Recipient address rejected” status message also known as a “bounce.” The following are some common “Recipient address rejected” status messages and their typical meaning: The recipient has exceeded their storage quota. The recipient does not exist.

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What does it mean when it says Recipient address rejected Access denied?

This error is generally caused by mail server or DNS misconfiguration.” To put it simply, the issue is on the recipient end and no on your end.

What does Relay Access Denied mean?

Relay Access Denied is a rather common error. It indicates that the server is not letting an email to be sent to another mail server. The most common reasons for this error are: The sender did not authenticate to the outgoing mail server due to some misconfigurations.

What does 5.7 1 TLS required by recipient mean?

If you’re receiving this error, it means your email message was sent from a server or domain that is currently listed as a high volume spam source by a reputable global block list.

Is not authorized to relay messages?

It’s likely that the email server isn’t correctly set up to receive and relay messages from your organization. To fix this issue, forward this non-delivery report (NDR) to your email admin.

How do you fix this error message 550 5.1 1 User unknown?

If the recipient doesn’t have the email address that you’re sending to, it will bounce the mail with the error message ‘550 5.1. 1 User unknown’. Solution: Always validate the recipient email address you’ve given in the email for any spelling mistakes or errors.

What is a 5.1 2 error?

SMTP 5.1. 2 Error message indicates the domain name is incorrect or doesn’t exist in the address the message was sent to.

What does this mean 5.1 1 bad destination email address reject?

550 5.1. 1 means that the recipient email server believes that the email address does not exist at the destination domain, and therefore has no way to deliver it.

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