Quick Answer: How To Fix F21 Error Code Whirlpool Duet?

How do I fix the code F21 on my Whirlpool Duet washer?

When the “F21” error code appears, try pressing “Pause/Cancel” to stop the current wash cycle. If water remains in the washing machine tub, touch “Drain/Spin” to force a secondary drain cycle to remove the water. Once all the water drains, try selecting a new wash cycle and pushing “Start.”

What does F21 mean on Whirlpool Duet?

If you see error code F21 on your Whirlpool washing machine, this refers to a water drain problem. The washer won’t be able to finish the cycle and your laundry will be wet. This error code means draining is taking too long, and something is wrong with the water pumping.

What does error code F20 mean on a Whirlpool Duet washer?

An F20 or FH error code indicates a water supply problem. Here are some common issues: Both hot and cold water must be connected and turned on. Water inlet hoses kinked. Water inlet valve screen clogged.

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Why does my washer keep saying F21?

The Whirlpool washer error code F21 means the washing machine has a “water draining issue”, meaning the drain pump itself, or the drain hose is clogged and the washer is having problems draining the water out. In other words, the washer is taking too long to drain the water out of the tub.

How do I fix error code f21 on Maytag?

Possible Causes and Action:

  1. Turn the washer ON to verify the pump operates.
  2. Check the drain hose and make sure it is not plugged or kinked.
  3. Unplug the washer or disconnect power.
  4. Check the electrical connections at the pump and make sure the pump is running.
  5. Check the drain pump filter for foreign objects.

What does f1 mean on a Whirlpool Duet washer?

The F01 error on this model washer means the relay for the drain pump motor on the main control board (CCU) has failed to activate or a communication error between the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the EEPROM onboard the CCU occurred.

How do I reset my Whirlpool Duet front load washer?

Unplug the washer for 30 seconds to attempt to reset the Duet washer control. if your fill hoses have a flood stop check valve turn the water off, disconnect the hoses and run a little water into a bucket. Then reconnect the hoses to your washer and do a Duet Washer Quick Diagnostic Test.

How do I reset my Whirlpool Duet washer?

Rotate your dial until you have the following three lights illuminated: RINSE, WASH, and STOP. Then turn off your washer and unplug it for ten seconds. When you turn it back on it should be reset.

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How do I reset my Whirlpool front load washer?

Method 1: Unplug it The first way you can reset whirlpool washer top load is by unplugging it for about 2 minutes then plug it back in and wait about 30 seconds before starting the washer again. This performs a hard reset on the machine and it will start over after you reconnect it again.

How do you unlock a Whirlpool Duet washer?

Press the “Drain and Spin” button on the washer’s control panel to attempt to unlock the machine. This may drain any excess water that could cause the machine to remain locked. Once the “Drain and Spin” cycle completes, the door should unlock.

What does F21 mean on a Maytag washer?

In this particular case, error code F21 indicates an issue with your Maytag washing machine’s drain valve. When it takes eight or more minutes for a Maytag washing machine to drain, the device will tell its pipes to close, and you’ll be forced to troubleshoot.

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