Readers ask: How To Error Code Lc Samsung Dishwasher?

When the LC code is flashing on your Samsung dishwasher it indicates the unit’s leak sensor is detecting moisture or a water leak. If you’d like to simply clear the code it’s as simple as unplugging the power cord to the dishwater for about 15 minutes. Doing this should clear the error and reset your dishwasher.

What is the meaning of LC in Samsung dishwasher?

Leakage error The LC or LE error code appears when the dishwasher’s leak sensor detects moisture or the water reflector is blocked (Waterwall models only). When this code occurs, the dishwasher will turn itself on and will not turn off. During this time, it will attempt to drain the water away.

How do you clear a dishwasher error code?

The Fix: Pressing and holding the cancel button or turning off the power to the dishwasher for five minutes should clear the error code. If the error persists, you will need to troubleshoot the water heating system or call a professional to fix the issue.

Is there a reset button on Samsung dishwasher?

Plug the dishwasher back in Unlike their other appliances, Samsung dishwashers tend not to have a reset button or functionally.

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Why does my Samsung dishwasher keep blinking?

This means there is too much water in the dishwasher. This is often related to a drain issue. Inspect the dishwasher’s drain connection at the sink. Check the drain hose.

What does LC mean on washing machine?

If the control lock has been activated, the control will not function. If you try to push buttons, you may see the code “LoC” or “LC” (depending on your model). This is a reminder that you have set the control lock, and need to de-activate it to allow the washer controls to function.

How do you reset your dishwasher?

To reset a dishwasher, you need to hold the start button down for three seconds or, failing that, switch your dishwasher off at the main power supply. If that won’t sort out the glitch, you may have problems with your power, water source, door latch, or internal issues.

How do I reset the code on my Samsung dishwasher?

Resetting your dishwasher is easy. Unplug it (or turn off power at the circuit breaker), wait some time for the electrical charge to clear out of the dishwasher (usually 1 to 5 minutes at most), and then power it up again. That’s it. That’s all it takes to reset.

How do I fix the flashing light on my Samsung dishwasher?

If these lights are blinking, this code means that a button is stuck. To fix the stuck button, turn the dishwasher off completely. Touch all of the buttons on the panel, and then turn the dishwasher back on.

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Why is my Samsung dishwasher not starting?

Your dishwasher will not begin a wash cycle if the door latch isn’t engaged. For the dishwasher to start, make sure the door is fully closed and the latch is enabled. A broken door latch can also be responsible for a Samsung dishwasher not starting. When this happens the latch must be replaced.

Why is my Samsung dishwasher not getting water?

Common solutions for: Samsung Dishwasher won’t fill If the water valve is clogged or defective, water will not flow into the dishwasher. Water inlet valves are not repairable—if the valve is defective, you must replace it. If the float switch is defective or stuck, it might not stop the dishwasher from overflowing.

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