Readers ask: How To Fix Error Code On Xbox One 0x80820002?

This is what worked for me, at least for right now:

  1. Power down the console and disconnect the power cord.
  2. Disconnect the external hard drive.
  3. Press and hold power button for 30 seconds (count 1-30 slowly?)
  4. Wait 2-5 minutes.
  5. Connect power back and power on the console.

How do you fix Xbox error code 0x8027025A?

Fix: Xbox Error Code 0x8027025A

  1. Solution 1: Check to see if Xbox Live Core Services are down.
  2. Solution 2: Try starting the affected app again.
  3. Solution 3: Hard reset your Xbox One console and its cache.
  4. Solution 4: Uninstall the affected app and install it on your external HDD.

How do I fix my Xbox error code?

Step 1: Reset your console

  1. Power off your console, and then unplug the power cord to ensure that the console is completely powered off.
  2. Wait 30 seconds, and then plug the power cord back in.
  3. Press and hold the Pair button and the Eject button on the console, and then press the Xbox button  on the console.
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Why is my Xbox one not reading dvds?

Perform a hard power cycle by holding down the Xbox button  on the console for 10 seconds. Once the console has completely shut down, press the Xbox button  on the console again to restart it. Try your disc again. If the console can now read the disc, you can revert to instant-on power mode.

Why does my Xbox keep saying error?

Why does my Xbox One keep saying “Something Went Wrong” with error 0x800705b4? This error generally occurs when the application got corrupted through an app update. Clearing your Xbox cache may resolve the issue: Plug the power brick back into your Xbox One and turn it on.

How do I reset my Xbox to factory settings?

How to reset your console

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Select Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info.
  3. Select Reset console.
  4. On the Reset your console? screen, you’ll see three options: Reset and remove everything. This option resets the console to factory settings.

How do I power cycle my Xbox One?

Turn off your console by pressing the Xbox button  on the front of the console for about 10 seconds, until it shuts down completely. Unplug the console’s power cable. Wait 10 seconds. Important Be sure to wait at least 10 seconds.

How do I fix corrupted files on Xbox one?

Replies (3) 

  1. Determine if the saved game is corrupted. To do this, follow these steps: Select settings, System, and then Storage. Select the storage location, and then press the A button.
  2. If the saved game file is corrupted, delete the corrupted file. To do this, select Delete.
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How do I soft reset my Xbox one?

To perform a soft reset that should jog a glitchy Xbox One back to proper function, simply turn it off, wait a few seconds, then power it back on. You can turn off an Xbox One by pressing and holding the Xbox button on the controller, then choosing either “Restart console” or “Turn console off.”

What is error code 0x838601e7?

Error 0x838601e7 occurs when you try to play a game on your Xbox console. You see the following error code when you try to play a game on your Xbox console: 0x8386601e7. This may mean that the Xbox service is having trouble syncing your game data.

How do I fix Xbox error code 0x82d40004?


  1. Insert the game disc. Even though the game might already be installed on this Xbox, we need the physical disc to check the license before we can launch it.
  2. If the disc is already loaded, see if it’s dirty or scratched.
  3. Then re-insert it and try launching again.

How do you fix a dirty disk error on Xbox One?

Issues Reading discs error code (0x21): Your disc might be dirty or damaged.

  1. Power cycle the console. While it’s on, hold the console’s power button for 5-10 seconds. Let it shut down fully, wait 30 seconds, and then start it up again.
  2. Eject the disc, check it for smudges & scratches, and then re-insert it.

What is 0x80070057 on Xbox?

Status Code: 80070057 This means one of the following: The video file is corrupted. The video file format is not supported by Xbox 360.

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What does 0x80070005 mean?

The 0x80070005 error code arises when the Windows access is denied. The 0x80070005 error relates to access permissions in Windows, sometimes encountered by users when they are trying to update their Windows or installing a new program, and they don’t possess full access permission for certain files.

What does 0x80070057 mean on Xbox one?

You see the following error code when you try to launch a game or app on your Xbox One console: 0x80070005. This means that there might be a problem with the Xbox Live service, or that there’s an issue with the item you’re trying to launch. Collapse all.

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