Readers ask: How To Fix F21 Error Code Maytag 4000 Series?

Possible Causes and Action:

  1. Turn the washer ON to verify the pump operates.
  2. Check the drain hose and make sure it is not plugged or kinked.
  3. Unplug the washer or disconnect power.
  4. Check the electrical connections at the pump and make sure the pump is running.
  5. Check the drain pump filter for foreign objects.

What does F21 mean on a Maytag 4000 Series washer?

What is an F21 or F02 Error Code on my Maytag Front Load Washer? These error codes indicate that drain times are longer than expected.

How do I fix Error 21 on my washing machine?

You can fix this by switching off the machine and shaking the drum forwards and backwards several times. Clean the drain pump/filter and then run a hot wash without any soap powder.

How do I reset my Maytag 4000 washer?

How to Reset a Maytag Washer

  1. Press the “Power/Cancel” button.
  2. Push the appropriate button to choose a new cycle.
  3. Press “Start/Pause.” You have now reset your Maytag washer.
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How do I clear the error code on my Maytag washer?

To remove the code, press pause or cancel button twice and the power button once. If the code is still displayed, unplug the washer or disconnect the power for one minute. Items were detected in the washer during the Clean Washer cycle. Remove items from the drum and restart the Clean Washer cycle.

What does it mean when a washer says F21?

If your Whirlpool washer is showing an F21 error code, this means that your washer is unable to drain properly. This can be caused by a clogged pipe, a faulty drain pump, or something simpler.

How do I know if my washing machine pump is clogged?

Check the pump Sometimes, it’s as simple as a lost coin blocking the pump. Behind the machine’s service hatch you’ll usually see a round access cap about the size of a biscuit – put the tray under it to catch any water, then carefully unscrew and remove it. This will reveal the pump’s impeller.

What does Error 20 mean on a washing machine?

Issue: Washer dryer displays error message E20 or C2, emits 2 beeps or 2 flashes. It indicates pumping problems. Washer dryer does not drain. The appliance makes an unusual noise because of the blockage of the drain pump.

How do you manually drain a washing machine?

If not, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: Turn off the power and lay down towels.
  2. Step 2: Locate the drain hose at the back of the washing machine.
  3. Step 3: Drain the water.
  4. Step 1: Turn off the power and lay down towels.
  5. Step 2: Locate the drain hose.
  6. Step 3: Drain the water.
  7. Step 4: Scrub the filter.
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How do I reset my Maytag washer?

Unplug the top load washer for a minute from the electrical outlet. Lift and lower the lid six times in 12 seconds. 30 seconds is the time to start lifting and lowering the lid. The motor is ready for you to start a cycle now that it has been reset.

Why is my Maytag washer stuck on sensing?

If your Maytag washer’s sensing light is stuck and will not move to the appropriate cycles, this is usually caused by a stuck or keypad. The keypad can occasionally become jammed or, if you have recently replaced a part on the washer, you may have forgotten to recycle the codes, which can lead to a stuck sensor light.

What do you do when your Maytag washer won’t start?

If your Maytag washing machine isn’t starting, verify that the power cord is connected to a live outlet. Test the outlet with another three-prong appliance. If the outlet is working, plug the power cord securely into the outlet. Do not use an extension cord or adapter.

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