Readers ask: How To Fix Ps4 Error Code Ws-37431-8?

How can I fix the CE-37813-2 and WS-37431-8 errors?

  1. Reboot or reset your router/modem. Power off the router, and then unplug it.
  2. Rebuild the database. Hold the PS4’s power button for 5-10 seconds until the console beeps twice.
  3. Change your MTU setting. Open the PlayStation 4’s Settings menu.
  4. Change DNS settings.

How do I fix my PlayStation Network Code?


  1. Restart the PlayStation 4 system. Then restart the download.
  2. If the error occurs again, review your local network settings. – Change to a static IP or try to change the DNS server.
  3. If the error persists and if you have previously upgraded the HDD, switch to the original HDD and re-install the system software.

How do I fix my PS4 login error?

How can I fix the sign-in and logged out errors on PlayStation 4?

  1. Verify your PSN account.
  2. Update your information on the PSN.
  3. Update your console firmware.
  4. Register as a new user with a different email address.
  5. Log in with another PS4 console.
  6. Change the Privacy Settings to No One.

What is the ps4 error code WS 43691 3?

The WS-43691-3 error code is one of the most common problems on PSN, which usually occurs when renewing your PS Plus subscription or downloading games.

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How do I fix error code WS 37505 0 on ps4?

Check your connection to PlayStation Network and the game server. PlayStation Network or the game server may be temporarily unavailable. Check the status of the game server on the game publisher’s website. Check the PSN status page.

Why does my PlayStation keep saying error?

Verify PSN Account. Some users encountered an error has occurred PS4 sign in error message because they didn’t verify their email address used to set up their PS4. This problem usually happens to users who have just purchased the game machine. Sign in to the email account you used to set up your PSN account.

What does Error Code CE 30005 8 mean on PS4?

If the “Cannot start the application CE-30005-8” error appears when trying to launch your game/app from an external hard drive, or even during the gameplay, it means it’s failing to function properly and you have to repair it. So, the external hard drive is working fine on PS4 until this error happens.

Why does my PS4 keep getting errors?

This is one of the most common error codes you may get when you’re playing the PS4 games, and sometimes it may also display as CE-36329-3. This error occurs because the games or applications crash. Generally speaking, it is caused by the PS4 corrupted data or the system software issues.

Why is PSN saying my password is incorrect?

If you are attempting to sign in to PlayStation Network and get a message saying that it is the wrong password, don’t worry. Sony has announced that it has reset the passwords on some PSN accounts because it detected “suspicious activity”. To get your account back, all you have to do is reset your password.

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How do I recover my PSN account?

First you’ll need to click on the Trouble Signing In option on the log in page. Once here, go through the process of resetting your password, for which you’ll need to provide an email address so that you can be emailed by Sony for more info. Once you have done this, you should be able to get back into your account.

Why is my PlayStation account not working?

The most common reason for the sign-in error is that you input your username or password wrong. So, make sure your input the right username and password. 2. PS users will encounter “PlayStation Network Sign-In: Failed” when the server is in maintenance.

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