Readers ask: What Causes Error Code On Wildgame Innovations Game Cam?

Why does my LCD show “ERR SD”? This usually means there is an issue with the SD card. Make sure you’re using the recommended card (Sandisk™), storage size and class listed in your camera user’s manual. Try formatting the card to FAT 32 format.

How do I reset my Wildgame innovations trail camera?

Locate the battery life indicator in the bottom right corner of the screen. Consider replacing the batteries if the indicator shows low power. To return the camera to factory settings, locate the RESET button directly below the POWER button. Use a pencil or other small object to press the RESET button.

Why do trail cameras stop working?

Most of the time, if your trail camera is not taking pictures, the problem will fall into one of three categories: an issue with the SD card, an issue with the battery, or an issue with camera placement or settings.

Why does my game camera keep shutting off?

The internal battery calculators inside game cameras are calibrated to read the voltage put out by alkaline or lithium batteries. Since rechargeables have a lower voltage, the camera will tend to shut itself off when these batteries still have a charge because it thinks the batteries are dead due to their low voltage.

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Why does my trail cam says no card?

There are many possible reasons why your trail camera will not read your SD card, but most fall back on either a faulty SD card or bad connection between your card and the housing socket.

How do I reset my trail cam?

press and hold “Down” arrow key, 2. move power switch to “SET” position, 3. then the trail cam turns on, the passcode will be clear. please note all the previous setting will be reset as well, so have to reprogram the trail cam again.

Why is my wildlife camera not working?

The very first things you should suspect if your trail camera does not seem to be working properly are battery issues or a problem with the SD card. Start out with a brand-new, freshly formatted SD card that matches the manufacturer’s specification, and do the same thing with batteries.

Why does my trail camera not take pictures at night?

If your trail camera is using infrared flash you should know that infrared LED flash emitters are designed to be pretty durable and usually last a very long time. So it is more likely that your camera’s problem of taking black pictures at night has to do with issues related to its batteries, or its IR filter.

Why does my stealth cam take pictures every minute?

This camera is powered by motion activation. This can cause objects, like a tree branch or moving water, within the camera frame to cause the camera to take a photo.

Why does my Moultrie camera Say no signal?

When a camera’s batteries are low, it has less power to stay connected. If the signal was weak to start with, then low batteries can make it even worse. Pro Tip: If your batteries are getting low then it is best to replace them.

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Why does my trail camera say error?

This could be because the camera is set too close the food source or trail. There could be something too close to the camera when the flash is going off. Taking photos inside could also cause this issue.

What is SD card error?

“SD card is blank or has some unsupported filesystem” error usually occurs if you perform some small operations to SD Card or the mobile device. The problem mostly persists on Android phones, USB Drives etc. It can be fixed by formatting the SD Card, but this attempt can lead to data loss.

What does decode error mean on SD card?

Some cards used in other camera brands, the video comes up “Decode Error” because this card reader does not recognize all video formats used by some of the other camera brands. Wild Game is trying to force the consumer to purchase their camera brand.

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