Readers ask: What Does Error Code 5 On Maytag Gas Stove Mean?

F5. Keypad Cancel Upper. This oven error code is seen on electric ranges and indicates that the electronic range control board is faulty. This Maytag error code displays when the cook mode and non-cook mode start simultaneously. Repair or replace the electronic range control board to fix this code.

What does F5 mean on a oven?

An “F5” error code may appear on the user information screen when you use the oven on a Whirlpool stove or range. The oven will stop working in such a case. A repair is required for the oven if the error code is true.

How do I reset my Maytag stove?

Reset power to the product:

  1. Power unit down by turning off the circuit breaker(s) for one (1) minute.
  2. Power unit up by turning on the circuit breaker(s).
  3. Start a bake cycle.
  4. Monitor the oven for one (1) minute to ensure the error code does not display again.
  5. Verify oven operation.

What does f2e0 mean on a Maytag stove?

This error code means that some key is stuck on the oven user interface. If this error occurs, you need to replace the oven electronic control board. Our technician replaced this board, tested it and the oven worked again.

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What is F5 error code?

An F5 error code indicates that the fan on the outdoor or indoor unit has been running at a very low speed for a set period of time. This occurs when either the controller on the board or the fan malfunctions.

How do you reset the F5 code on a Whirlpool stove?

Persistent F5 Errors Press and hold any key for one minute to clear the error code, and an F2 code should appear. Press CANCEL and observe the stove for one minute to see if the F5 error reappears. If the error persists, it’s time to replace the latch.

How do you unlock a Maytag stove?

Maytag Oven Door is Locked – What Should I Do?

  1. Press Cancel/Off key to start a latch reset, wait 20-30 seconds and open door.
  2. Turn the power off at the circuit breaker or fuse box for one minute, then turn the power back on.

What does code F9 mean on a Maytag stove?

F9. Door Latch. This oven error code means the door latch is not work. It could be caused by a blockage in the latch or issues with the wiring or switches on the upper latch, lower latch, or both. If the latch needs to be replaced, do not turn on or use your oven until the latch is replaced.

What does it mean when my stove says F1?

The F1 error means that there is an electronics failure within the oven. This failure can occur within the keypad itself, the electronic oven control or the oven temperature sensor. The error can also indicate data corruption within the oven’s electronic controller.

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Why does my stove say bad line?

The bad line means that the oven is only getting 120 volts, which is not enough to run the oven properly. Plug the unit back in. The circuit breaker should be turned off. The back access panel should be removed if it still doesn’t work.

How do I reset my gas stove?

Reset the electronic control:

  1. Turn the circuit breaker to the OFF position. Wait one minute, then turn the breaker back to the ON position to reset electronic oven controls on models so equipped.
  2. We suggest doing this even if the light or the clock on the range or wall oven is working.

Where is the temperature sensor located in an oven?

Access the Temperature Sensor Your temperature sensor is a probe that extends into your oven on the top left corner of the back interior panel. Reach into your oven along the ceiling, toward the left back corner. You should find it there. If not, check your oven’s manual to find it’s alternate location.

How do I stop my Maytag stove from beeping?

How to Fix Beeping on a Maytag Gemini Range

  1. Check the display on your Maytag Gemini range if you hear a beeping sound.
  2. Press the “CANCEL” button to get rid of the beeping sound and clear the fault code.
  3. Disconnect your Maytag Gemini range from its power outlet if it’s still beeping.

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