What Does Error Code Ld Mean?

If Ld (drain pump system problem – long drain) appears in display, the washer is taking too long to drain water.

How do I fix the LD code on my Maytag washer?

Unplug your Maytag Bravos washer from the electrical outlet. Slide the washer forward to access the drain and water supply hoses. Turn off the Bravos’ water supply at the wall. Use pliers to turn the water supply hose connections at the back of washer counterclockwise to remove them from the appliance.

What does it mean when the washing machine says LD?

A Whirlpool washer that displays an “LD” error is indicating that there is an issue with ” long draining.” This means that the washer is taking too long to drain the water from the drum.

What does Ld mean on my Whirlpool washing machine?

If Ld ( drain pump system problem – long drain ) appears in display, the washer is taking too long to drain water.

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How do you reset a Whirlpool washing machine?

Method 1: Unplug it The first way you can reset whirlpool washer top load is by unplugging it for about 2 minutes then plug it back in and wait about 30 seconds before starting the washer again. This performs a hard reset on the machine and it will start over after you reconnect it again.

What does LD on my Maytag washer mean?

“F32,” “Ld” or “C8” error codes indicate a slow or stopped drain pump, and “C6” indicates that the recirculation pump has stopped. Remove the pumps to access and remove the items clogging them. Unplug your Maytag Bravos washer from the electrical outlet.

How do I reset my Maytag washer?

If an error message causes your Maytag washer to not run properly, reset the washer to clear the error message. How to Reset a Maytag Washer

  1. Press the “Power/Cancel” button.
  2. Push the appropriate button to choose a new cycle.
  3. Press “Start/Pause.” You have now reset your Maytag washer.

What does the code Ld mean on a Kenmore washer?

LD means ” long drain ” and can be displayed if the drain pump in not working or if something is under the wash basket. If the water is not draining out then the pump can be blocked or just bad. If the water is draining out of the washer okay but you still get an LD error then there can be something under the basket.

What does 5d mean on a Whirlpool Cabrio washer?

Did you receive an Sd (may appear as 5d) or Sud Error Code? If Sd or Sud (excess suds) appears in the display, you have excessive suds in washer. The washer is running a suds reduction routine. Allow the washer to continue. Use only HE (High Efficiency) detergent.

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How do I know if my washing machine drain hose is clogged?

If the hose is clogged, it can prevent the water from being pumped out of the machine. To test this, remove the drain hose attached to the washer and make sure it is clear. An easy way to check that the drain hose is clear is to blow air through it.

How do I clean my washing machine drain line?

To unclog a clogged drain, first fill a bucket with boiling water and a pack of baking soda. Remove the drain pipe from your washing machine and slowly pour the water into the drain using a funnel. Wait a few minutes and test if it keeps draining if you pour water into it.

How do you unclog a washing machine?

Look for the Clog and Pull It Out

  1. Loosen the clamp that holds the hose to the bottom of the tub and remove the hose.
  2. Remove the belt from the pulley on the bottom side of the washing machine water pump, and if the clog is visible, pull it out.
  3. Twist the pulley to unwind the fabric as you pull it out.

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