What Is Error Code 16a On Inogene Oxygen Concentrator?

Why does my inogen say please wait?

Turn on your Inogen One® G3 by pressing the ON/OFF Button. A single short beep will sound after the Inogen logo is displayed. “Please Wait” will appear while the concentrator starts up. The display will indicate the selected flow setting and power condition.

What does oxygen error mean on inogen?

It could mean one of the four things – oxygen purity has degraded, cannula is not properly positioned on the patient’s face, battery is hot or the concentrator cannot deliver oxygen in proper pulses. Please contact your equipment provider or Inogen to replace the machine or repair it.

How do you reset inogen?

Press and hold the plus (+) and (-) minus buttons for 5 seconds. The screen will display “sieve reset” message. Release buttons once message is displayed on screen. Press the alert/bell button once and screen will display “sieve reset success.” Press the power button to turn on the Inogen One® G5, and use normally.

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How do you reset an oxygen concentrator?

Perform a hard reset Turn the oxygen concentrator off and unplug it from the wall. Remove the battery pack and leave it for 30 minutes. After the allotted time, plug it back into the wall, turn it on, and put the battery pack in after 10 minutes.

Can you use inogen without battery?

The Inogen G3 can be used without the battery if plugged into AC (wall) or DC (car) power.

How do I know if my oxygen concentrator is working?

Ask your provider if they can schedule an appointment to assess your concentrator regularly and when you suspect a problem. When they come out to test your device, they will use an oxygen analyzer to check the output flow from your device to assess whether the output is accurate against a control measure.

What can go wrong with an oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen Concentrator Errors and Alerts Low oxygen alert – Check to see whether the airflow is being blocked. Oxygen purity is lower than 80% – Make sure the intake vent isn’t clogged or blocked. Turn the unit off and clean it, if necessary. The intake filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.

What do you do if oxygen is not flowing?

If your blood oxygen level is too low, you may need to boost your oxygen saturation. This is often done with supplemental oxygen. Home supplemental oxygen is considered a medication, and your doctor must prescribe it.

How do I stop my oxygen concentrator from beeping?

Plug your concentrator in immediately and the beeping will stop. Additionally, if your oxygen concentrator is plugged in and turned on, but no power is available, it may begin to beep. Simply turn the oxygen concentrator off, unplug it, and plug it into a known, working electrical outlet.

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What does it mean when my inogen says Replace columns?

Is your Inogen One G3 showing an “O2 Service Soon” or “Replace Columns” error message? If so, you will need to replace your columns within 30 days. There are two columns in your Inogen One G3 that help convert normal air to medical grade oxygen. The sieve beds inside them wear down after prolonged use.

Do oxygen concentrators run out of oxygen?

The ability of oxygen concentrators to continuously draw in and treat air ensures that, unlike oxygen tanks, the concentrator will never run out of oxygen.

What is the life of oxygen concentrator?

Since an oxygen concentrator is a medical-grade oxygen treatment device, a medical prescription becomes mandatory to buy one. How many hours is an oxygen concentrator good for? Generally, the life span of a portable oxygen cylinder is somewhere between 1,500 hours to 2,000 hours.

How many hours do home oxygen concentrators last?

We have seen that older and heavier machines tend to last longer, typically around 15,000 to 20,000 hours of use before the machine would need to be rebuilt again. Newer, lighter machines, while still reliable, last around about 8,000 to 10,000 hours.

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