What to Do If the Whirlpool Microwave Error Codes Appear

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Actually, the whirlpool microwave error codes are the important things when it comes to the condition of your appliance. The error will be displayed on the control panel and here are some most common problems of microwave along with its codes.

If you see flashing colon that will be displayed as “:”, it means that there is a failure on the power. You can end this condition by pressing any key. It will get steady in the standby condition.

“F2” error code indicated the failure at the membrane switch. To overcome this condition, you might need to unplug the power and replace the membrane switch. It the problem re-occurred, you may need to replace the electronic control.

“F3H” error code shows the problem at the humidity sensor that went out of range. It requires you to replace the sensor with the new one. Make sure you reconnect the power before turning it on again.

“F6” error code indicates the relay failure on your microwave. You need to see the wiring at the Relay 4903 for the short circuit. If nothing is wrong with the wiring then the electronic control needs to be replaced. Reconnect the power to operate the microwave. And this is the end of whirlpool microwave error codes.

When your Whirlpool microwave malfunctions, the simplest way to troubleshoot it is by referring to the Whirlpool microwave error codes. When there is a problem with the microwave, you can see the error code showing up on the microwave’s display. Whirlpool has assigned specific codes for all of its appliances. For Whirlpool microwave, as well as range, there is a set of 4-digit and 2-digit error codes that identify specific problems. A complete list of all of those codes can be found online. Here we will summarize the right measures to take when specific codes appear on your microwave display.

4-Digit Whirlpool Microwave Error Codes

4-digit Whirlpool microwave error codes generally refer to faulty control board, jumpers, touchpad, temperature sensor, meat probe system, door switches, or common switch wire. If the codes that show up all F1-E0, F1-E1, F1-E2, F1-E4, F1-E5, F1-E6, or F1-E9, the root of the problem is usually a faulty control board or clock. The easiest fix for this problem is to disconnect the appliance from power source for at least 30 seconds before reconnecting it. If the error code reappears, the control board needs replacing.

Problem with the jumpers occur when the wiring harness cavity size doesn’t match the stored value. The code that appears on the display is F1-E3. You need to check the jumpers to make sure that they match the microwave size.

All 4-digit Whirlpool microwave error codes that begin with F2-E generally signify faulty touchpad. To fix any problems that are indicated by these error codes, you need to check the connection between the touchpad and the control board. If there is no problem with the connection but the code still appears, hardware replacement is needed.

Problems associated with a faulty temperature sensor are generally represented by Whirlpool microwave error codes that start with F3-E. To fix these problems, temperature sensor replacement is necessary.

If your microwave’s display shows Whirlpool microwave error codes that start with F5-E, the problematic parts are generally the door switches. You need to check each switch to locate the damaged part. When you are fixing these problems, an F2 code that represents excessively high temperature (see below) might appear. Take the right measures as explained below and continue fixing the problems until no code appears on the display.

The remaining 4-digit Whirlpool microwave error codes that you need to know include F4-E1 for meat probe defect, F6-E0 for disconnected return line, and F7-E1 for defective common switch wire.

2-Digit Whirlpool Microwave Error Codes

There are nine 2-digit Whirlpool microwave error codes that generally represent the need of replacing hardware. If the codes that appear are F0, F1, F5, F7, or F8, control board replacement is needed as there is no simple way to fix the problems represented by those codes.

If the code that appears is F2, the temperature degree is detected to be too high. To fix this problem, there are various components that you need to check, including relays, control board, door lock mechanism, sensor, sensor harness, and sensor circuit.

If the error code that appears on the display is either F3 or F4, you need to replace the temperature sensor.

The last of the 2-digit Whirlpool microwave error codes is F9, which signifies door lock failure. You need to check all switches and wiring that are connected to the door lock to fix this problem.

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