The Most Common Whirlpool Range Error Codes with 4 Digits Failure Codes

When it comes to the whirlpool range error codes, you might need to take a look at this list. You need to acknowledge yourself about automotive and at least about several codes because you are going to need it.

If the scanner shows the codes such as:

  • F1-E0, F1-E1, F1-E2, F1-E4, F1-E5, F1-E6, or F1-E9 then you need to disconnect the power about one minute. Observe it after you re-apply the power about one minute and if the code still appears then you need to replace the control board.

  • F1-E3 will require you to check the jumper located in the harness. This is the indication of the unmatched size of the wiring harness cavity toward the initially stored value.

  • All F2 codes can be repaired by checking the connector of the keypad for the firm connection. Then, press the Cancel button. If the error message still shows up then you need to replace the keypad.

  • All F3 codes can be fixed by replacing the temperature sensor of the oven or known as RTD.

  • F4-E1 requires you to check the probe and figure out if there is a pinched wire. If there is nothing wrong then the probe needs to be replaced.

And this is the most common whirlpool range error codes.

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