The Example of International Trouble Codes List You Should Understand

As a truck driver, you must understand the international trouble codes list. There are a lot of trouble codes you need to understand before driving a truck. Some of them are stated here to give you a clear overview of the trouble code.

The Normal Condition Code

The key is understanding and memorizing the DTC codes first. For example, if you see a 111 on the DTC code it means you don’t need to worry about anything. This is the code that there is no error detected. The code is used to show that the truck is on the normal condition and ready to drive.

Trouble on the Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit

The case will be different if you see 114 on the international trouble codes list such as 114. If you see this code, you have to check the ECT circuit or the Engine Coolant Temperature circuit. There is a possibility that the circuit is in a trouble. The common problem is the out of the range signal although it is in a low level. Just be careful if you see 115 on the DTC code because the engine coolant temperature signal is lost and the system can’t detect it.

Trouble on the Speed Sensor Signal

There is also a trouble code related to the vehicle speed such as 141 and 142. In this case, the DTC shows that there is a problem with the vehicle speed sensor signal. The 141 means that the problem is not too serious or low whereas 142 it means the problem on the speed sensor signal is serious and you need to fix it right away.

Just make sure that you memorize or learn the international trouble codes list. It helps you to handle the truck or vehicle faster and efficient.

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