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International Truck Fault Codes List

The truck fault is often found when your truck gets in trouble. There are some lines of international truck fault codes list that you should recognize. This is used to diagnose the troubles on the engine and systems of the truck. What are the lists of truck fault codes? The codes are named to be DTC. There are some classifications of the truck codes; circuit and condition description. The circuits are ECM, ECT, ECM PWR, MAP, ICP, BCP, APS, ATA, ELC, CKP, and EOP. Those are defined to be some DTC numbers and codes so that you can recognize it carefully. The number defines different circuits and condition descriptions.

The condition description of the truck fault is based on DTC and circuit. For example, ECM is meant to be no errors detected, ECM PWR is defined to be electrical system voltage B+ out of low range and high range. ECT is meant to be engine coolant temperature. The MAP is Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure for the high and low range. ICP is the injection control pressure signal for the low and high range. BCP is the brake control pressure signal for the low and high range. APS is meant to be signal out of low and high range.

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